Saicos Ecoline Oil Ground Coat

For a natural and beautiful surface. Ecoline Oil Ground Coat is part of a coating system especially developed for wooden, cork and bamboo floors and heavily used furniture surfaces. The product is healthy-living, breathable and in line with VOC guide line 2010.

Over a dozen colours to choose from!



»  Low-solvent: VOC < 10%
»  Ideal for solid wood flooring, cork flooring, bamboo flooring and heavily used furniture surfaces
»  SAICOS Ecoline is part of a healthy living and breathable system
»  Preserves the look and feel of natural wood
»  Beautiful, natural and durable surface.

For final coat we recommend:
Premium Hardwax-Oil
Ecoline MultiTop Lacquer System

Fields of application:
For all kinds of wooden, cork or bamboo floors (solid wooden floors, parquet, strip parquet, veneered floors) and surfaces in interior areas. Furthermore, usable for hardwood, exotic and thermo-treated wood.


Weight0.8 lbs


Ecoline Ground Coat Colors

3408Eco Extra White, 3409Eco White, 3410Eco Clear, 3413Eco Birch, 3417Eco Silver Grey, 3418 Pear, 3422Eco Chestnut, 3428Eco Teak, 3438Eco Mahogany, 3458Eco Oak, 3474Eco Basalt Grey, 3477Eco Graphite, 3479Eco Antique Grey, 3481Eco Walnut, 3485Eco Rosewood, 3490Eco Ebony

Data Sheet


16 Colour Choices

Ground Coat Colors


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