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Saicos Wood Finishing Products

  • Eco-Friendly - Engineered from natural, renewable oils and waxes
  • Safe - Conforms to strict standards for health and purity - approved even for kids toys
  • Beautiful - Bring out the natural beauty of your woods
  • Durable - Bind to wood grain and will not flake, blister, or peel
  • Efficient - Simple to apply, high coverage products that get the job done fast
  • Recognized by - Sustainable Industries and Green Building Product Dealer.

The Bigger Picture

Enviromental Benefits

  • Made mostly from readily renewable, natural ingredients.
  • Extremely durable - keeps existing flooring in good shape for decades.
  • When dry, meets European safety standards for use on children's furniture and toys and resistance to perspiration and saliva.
  • Contains no biocides or preservatives, only aliphatic low-odor mineral spirits that meet the German standard for purity.
Wood finish toys

The facts

Practical Benefits

  • The major benefit of Hardwax Oil is that minor damaged areas or high wear areas can be rebuilt without refinishing the entire floor, saving thousands of dollars. You can even leave the furniture in place!
  • Preserves the look and feel of real wood—not a plastic coating..
  • Easy to apply - just two thin coats.
  • Will not raise the grain when applied. Therefore no need to sand between coats.
  • Thixotropic - no brush marks in hot weather.
  • Penetrates into the wood surface, keeping it elastic but making it water-resistant. Finished wood won’t show water stains.
  • Easy to clean - just vacuum and damp-mop
  • One liter covers about 200 to 250 square feet per coat and requires only 2 coats in most cases.
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