• Saicos Wooden Floor Wax Care

    Saicos Wooden Floor Wax Care – 1 L CLEAR 8119


    Ecoline Wax Care, the liquid wood maintaining product on natural basis. For regeneration and freshening up of heavily worn wooden and cork surfaces. Regular maintaining with Ecoline Wax Care protects the surface, regenerates and freshens up. Ecoline Wax Care is water and dirt repellent, the surface can also
    be polished.

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  • SAICOS UV Protective Wood Finish

    SAICOS UV Protective Wood Finish – 1101


    Water and dirt-repellent long-term UV protection against graying. Delays yellowing.

    Size: .75 L

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  • Saicos Canada Hardwax Oil 3200 Matt

    SAICOS Premium Hard Wax Oil


    Natural surface treatment for all wood and cork floors, table and worktops and other heavily used wooden surfaces.

    Easy Application for all interior woods – Non Toxic – Economical < 35% VOC’s

    A great finish for floors, tables, counter tops, furniture, cabinetry, doors, childrens toys, etc.

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  • Wood Brightener Cleaner – 8130

    Wood Brightener Cleaner – 8130


    SAICOS Wood Brightener is a highly effective special product for cleaning and and refreshing of greyed, worn down exterior wood surfaces. The original colour shade of the wood will appear again. Will not harm the healthy wood.

    Size: 1 Litre

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  • SAICOS Wood Stain Colourless

    SAICOS Wood Stain


    Semi-transparent wood protection on natural oil basis with very high UV protection and excellent weather resistance. Ensures a natural colour.

    Size: 0.75 L

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  • Saicos Special Wood Oil

    Saicos Special Wood Oil


    Especially developed to protect and maintain wooden decks, garden furniture and other outdoor wood intended to look “natural”. Anti-blocking properties and open-pored.

    Size: 0.75 L

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  • SAICOS End Grain Sealing Wax

    SAICOS End Grain Sealing Wax – 8131


    Protects front edges and cutting edges against cracking and moisture and is highly water-repellent. Free of aromatic products, linseed oil and citrus terpenes.

    Size: .75 L

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  • 250mm Roller Saicos

    Roller Handle – 250 mm


    Handles can be attached to our Universal Rollers, and Telescopic handle.

    Size: 250 mm

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  • Saicos Ecoline Oil Ground Coat canada

    Saicos Ecoline Oil Ground Coat


    For a natural and beautiful surface. Ecoline Oil Ground Coat is part of a coating system especially developed for wooden, cork and bamboo floors and heavily used furniture surfaces. The product is healthy-living, breathable and in line with VOC guide line 2010.

    Over a dozen colours to choose from!

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  • Saicos 7" 210mm floor brush

    Floor Brush – 7″



    Size: 121mm / 7″

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  • Flat Brush 4″



    Size: 100mm / 4″

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  • Saicos Flat brush 50mm 2"

    Flat Brush 2″



    Size: 50mm / 2″

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